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the term "male multiple orgasm" went from a physiological impossibility to a successful marketing strategy

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The pleadings set out at the outset merely allege the facts that the claimant intends to rely upon at the hearing

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Because of these differences, clinical trials are being designed specifically for HPV-associated oropharyngeal tumors and for HPV-unrelated tumors to optimize therapies based on HPV status.

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OGD recognizes that industry must have some information in order to run its business in an efficient and meaningful way and for making planning, manufacturing, and marketing decisions

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controlled drinking each have a place within harm reduction (Heather 1993: 180) as do measures such

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A indica quem no deve tom-lo e os cuidados a ter com o uso do mesmo.

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In the USA, Food and Drug administrator Robert Young admitted:

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We are running these events during the holidays to allow as many children and young people as possible to participate

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Boron, is a natural key component required by the body for test production

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Therefore, taking potassium supplements with succinylcholine might increase the risk for side effects

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Earnings in the wealth management division came in below analyst estimates, but the business still produced the highest quarter profits since 2008

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