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The common-sense idea ofpublic opinion concerns a contested belief at the very heart of our democratic system, that is,that the people can govern themselves through rational thinking

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A UCLA study finds that few doctors prescribe a low-cost drug that has been proven effective in preventing the onset of diabetes

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The authors said the drug likely improved working memory function by boosting levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

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by the practitioner Sturdy, all-purpose cart makes it easy to transport groceries, laundry and personal

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It has been well researched, and has not been shown to cause any skin irritation or allergy

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The estrogen receptor (ER) variant ER2 is expressed in aggressive castration-resistant prostate cancer and has been shown to correlate with decreased overall survival

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One bacterium with a mutation can survive the antibiotic and go on to reproduce millions more with the same resistance

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